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Responsible use of biometrics: what not to do

Blair Crawford explains why it’s imperative that we use biometric technology responsibly. The impact it has on our vendors' security and the privacy of people are all important consequences that must be considered when using this new technology.

Calling BS on Biometrics

When it comes to biometrics, it either works or it doesn’t. So how do you differentiate between what’s on offer? Here are the key considerations you need to look out for when choosing a biometric identity provider.

Accounting for user differences in biometrics

How does the environment and people’s unique characteristics factor into the successful use of biometrics? Co-founder and MD of Daltrey, Blair Crawford, outlines the top four things that need to be considered in order to get the best out of a [...]

False Accept and Reject

What parameters should be considered when employing biometric verification and what role does this play in authenticating users?

Jargon Buster: Failure to Enrol

Attempts to gain access using a biometric ID in sub-optimal conditions can result in a failure to enrol. With a few simple adjustments, this can be reversed.

Are passwords fundamentally flawed?

Weak, stolen and reused passwords are the cause of more than 80% of breaches. It doesn’t matter how you mix your capitals, numbers and symbols, or even how often you update your password. The fact is, cybercriminals know that passwords are the [...]

Securing the remote work environment

Thanks to a rapid increase in remote work requirements and policies, home networks are the new front line of corporate security. And while most organisations made a relatively fast transition to remote work, their security policies are lagging behind.

Daltrey’s Blair Crawford on Ticker TV

Hear from Daltrey’s Blair Crawford as he discusses the death of the password, the newfound ability to have a unified biometric security solution, self-sovereign identity management and the use of AI in cyber security.

What is a biometric ID?

A biometric ID is a true digital representation of a person’s physical self. Traditionally, access to a system (whether it be a physical building or an online account) requires one of two things. Either a password/pin code, or a key/access pass. [...]

What’s the value of an established identity?

Cybercrime alone is expected to cost $2 trillion globally this year. As well as direct losses, there are associated expenses with remediating the damage, recovering lost data, the loss of customer goodwill and potential penalties from [...]

How does liveness detection work?

Biometrics is without a doubt the most secure form of authentication and infinitely superior to more traditional methods such as passwords and access passes. That said, even biometric authentication is open to presentation attacks such as [...]

Is MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) enough?

Every organisation should without a doubt be using some form of multi-factor authentication (MFA). It’s a step forward to better security. That said, it should in no way be trusted as the final line of defence for authentication – and it’s only [...]

How can biometrics benefit the healthcare industry?

There’s a lot of focus on the future of healthcare at the moment – and biometric technology has been tipped as the way forward for enhancing the health and safety of both medical personnel and patients. One of the most important ways biometrics [...]

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