What is a biometric ID?

What is a biometric ID?

A biometric ID is a true digital representation of a person’s physical self.

Traditionally, access to a system (whether it be a physical building or an online account) requires one of two things. Either a password/pin code, or a key/access pass. Both these systems have one serious drawback: they aren’t actually secure.

Biometric information, on the other hand, is a set of physical characteristics unique to an individual. There are different types of biometric information, referred to as modalities. This includes face, fingerprints, iris and voice. This information makes up someone as a person and is therefore theirs and theirs alone.

To create a DaltreyID, we verify a user’s identity and biometric data and create a list of attributes unique to the user. They can then use this biometric credential – as in their own physical self – to access all physical and digital applications.

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