How do we set up a DaltreyID within your environment?

How do we set up a DaltreyID within your environment

Until recently, most organisations used a project-led approach to the integration of biometrics: an issue emerged and a biometric solution was deployed to resolve it. The problem is biometric technology is often seen as a heavily complex field, and organisations don’t have the expertise to allow them to deploy a fully global biometric solution strategy. This leads to siloed biometric solutions that remain stagnant across the business, unable to scale and grow as needed. It’s clear that ecosystem convergence has been a real barrier to biometrics, which was a key driver for the creation of Daltrey.

By delivering biometrics through a unified interface, as a service, Daltrey Branch gives organisations the means to deliver a world-class biometric identity strategy across your entire organisation.

Branch is an intelligent middleware platform that allows organisations to integrate biometric functionality as a service; providing strong physical and logical authentication options, seamlessly integrated into your existing technology ecosystem and current IAM solutions.

For solution partners, this means you won’t need to integrate individual biometric hardware or matching engines; instead you can add extensive biometric functionality to your core offering in a simple and flexible way.