Secure, convenient
biometric onboarding.

Trusted and secure. Easy to use.

Identity proofing. On demand.

Identity proofing.
On demand.

To secure your organisation with Daltrey, all users undergo an identity proofing process, which involves verifying their claimed identity by comparing the photo on their ID against their real-life image.

They can then use this trusted identity for authentication on any device, across any channel.

How it works.


A user provides photo ID and other relevant documents. Their face is matched to the photo ID and we check that they’re physically present. Their biometrics are enrolled, creating the first component of their digital identity.


Supporting multiple modalities, the biometric credential is then bound
to identity attributes and trusted devices to complete their digital identity.

Choose how users are onboarded.

Fully oversee the process from within your organisation or onboard people remotely using their own devices.

Managed onboarding.

For a completely managed onboarding experience, the process occurs on premises with your existing security/HR personnel leading the identity establishment.

Remote onboarding.

The remote onboarding process can be completed quickly and easily by the user, maintaining the highest standard of verification possible.

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