You and only you

Best practice identity and access management starts with one essential pillar: robust identity establishment. Only biometrics allows you to be identified and authenticated based on verifiable characteristics that are unique. No usernames. No passwords. All you need is you.

Simple, reliable biometric onboarding

Simple, reliable biometric onboarding

Each and every person interacting with your organisation undergoes an ID proofing process, creating a biometric identity known as a DaltreyID.

A user provides photo ID and other documentation as per the requirements of your organisation. Once verified, their face is matched to the ID to create the first component of their biometric credential.

This biometric onboarding can be done remotely by the user on their own device, or onsite with an operator either overseeing or fully managing the process. Whichever method your organisation requires, one thing remains certain – the identities.

biometric modalities

Enable adaptive authentication

Additional biometrics, such as fingerprints, voice and iris, can be added to DaltreyIDs to allow for adaptive authentication, fully-customised to suit each user, application and location.

Identity: The new perimeter

Identity: The new perimeter

Cloud-based applications, an increasingly distributed workforce and BYOD policies have led to a major re-evaluation of how organisations manage user access. On top of this, criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their phishing schemes, using artificial intelligence and automation to collect information.

With so many corporate information assets now residing outside the traditional enterprise firewall, the notion of perimeter security is rapidly becoming obsolete. This paradigm shift is driving a heightened emphasis on IAM solutions that restrict access by controlling user privileges, credentials and permissions.

In a world of digital transformation, identity-defined security is crucial.

Zero Trust: From implicit trust to explicit verification

Zero Trust: From implicit trust to explicit verification

Daltrey champions the Zero Trust model, ensuring organisations verify anything and everything regardless of whether its inside or outside the perimeter.

  • Strengthen credentials: A strong identity establishment process for all employees, visitors, contractors or other – with no exceptions
  • Increase awareness: Use auditing and logging of security-related events and related alerts to help detect patterns that may indicate internal attacks or attempted or successful external penetration of your network
  • Enable user self-help: Reduce friction by empowering your users to stay productive, while still remaining vigilant