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As data breaches become more common, driving heightened public sensitivity to cyber risks, legislators are coming under increased pressure to tighten existing regulatory regimes. As a result, regulatory mandates are becoming more prescriptive in their approach to access controls and the need to standardise the management of identities. In short, security compliance is becoming increasingly challenging.

Streamline security compliance with an identity-defined approach

It’s now common for auditors and regulators to prescribe the use of Identity and Access Management solutions to remediate findings relative to user access.

You can ease the burden of regulatory compliance and foster a smooth auditing process by enlisting support for processes such as:

  • Determining access privileges for specific employees
  • Tracking management approvals for expanded access
  • Documenting who has access what data and when
  • Creating immutable records

A common use case is identifying users who could potentially compromise sensitive information assets, having accrued inappropriate or toxic combinations of access privileges. This risk can only be mitigated through the use of a strong authentication method which offers an alternative to usernames and passwords – biometrics.

Validate trust

Privacy is at the heart of every decision we make. On top of helping organisations become security compliant, we validate our own products against recognised certifications and authorisations and follow strict security and privacy standards.

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