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Join host Blair Crawford as he brings together some of the best minds in the industry to talk all things security, identity access management, biometrics and more. This is your audio shortcut to staying informed with all the latest industry news and trends.

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DISCLAIMER: The views, information or opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the individual guests involved, and do not necessarily represent those of Daltrey and its employees.


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Daltrey’s Blair Crawford is an industry leader with extensive experience helping organisations solve their most pressing security, risk and compliance challenges. With a niche speciality in identity management and biometrics, he’s an firm advocate for self-sovereign identity and is driven to developing solutions that give users control over how their identity is used.

Through his experience working with global organisations across diverse industries, Blair recognised the opportunity to develop a unique product that delivers biometrics as a service for workforce authentication, across all physical and logical access scenarios. He founded Daltrey with a vision to integrate biometrics as a viable, scalable authentication method and ultimately create safer, more secure workplaces.