Meet Sarah, Daltrey’s People & Culture Director

Lucky for us, a brief foray into retail wasn’t her cup of tea. Find out more about Daltrey’s Director of People and Culture, Sarah Lilley.

What’s your role at Daltrey?

I’m the Director of People and Culture – essentially, I look after all things people-related throughout the employee life cycle. And what a great team we have to support!

What gets you out of bed on a Monday morning?

My Monday morning run. My week – in fact, my day – doesn’t start until I’ve completed at least a 30-minute run. It sets me up well to tackle any challenges that may be ahead.

What did you do before joining Team Daltrey?

I’ve been an HR professional for a while now. At the risk of sounding ancient, my career in HR spans more than 15 years, 10 of which have been spent in senior roles. I’ve worked for some amazing companies that genuinely care about their people, which makes it a dream for anyone coming into an HR role. Daltrey is definitely one of those.

Where do you think Daltrey will be in five years?

That’s a big question! Look how much has been achieved by the team in just the last two years. I’m guessing Daltrey will be operating in the stratosphere in five years.

What are you doing when you’re not at work?

In the bygone era of going to restaurants or socialising with friends, I would have said that. But lockdown life has funnelled me into some spectacular bush walks with my partner and kids. 

What’s a random fact we should know about you?

I used to run a Calendar Club during the Christmas season for a couple of years. It taught me that retail is definitely not my thing.

And last but not least, who would play you in a movie?

Ashley Judd. She’s an amazing actor with so much class, not to mention beautiful. No resemblance to me, but she’d be my pick.

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