Meet Blair, Daltrey’s Co-Founder and MD

Daltrey Managing Director and Co-Founder Blair Crawford turned an idea into a booming business. But can he handle the Aussie surf?

What’s your role at Daltrey?

As Managing Director and Co-Founder, I ensure our clients get what they ask for. I also see it as my responsibility to make sure the team at Daltrey are happy and inspired by their work.

What gets you out of bed on a Monday morning?

The inconvenience of passwords and access cards! But it’s about a lot more than just inconvenience.

Traditionally, there’s been a tradeoff when it comes to user experience – the better the user experience, the lower the security. There are no tradeoffs with Daltrey. We’re also really focused on developing better privacy outcomes for our users. It’s making these changes that drives me.

What did you do before joining Team Daltrey?

I arrived in Australia as a backpacker from Scotland, then worked through a range of traditional backpacker jobs before finding my way into biometrics and identity management. I was really drawn to the idea of protecting user data, privacy and the security of people and businesses, so that’s where my focus has been ever since.

What are you doing when you’re not at work?

I do a lot of hiking – Sydney is an amazing place to explore on foot. I also like campervanning. My next camping trip is to Tasmania.

What’s a random fact we should know about you?

After just a few weeks in Australia I met a few locals who took us out fishing in a tinny at a place called Snapper Island. Long story short, on the way out, a big wave came in and sunk the boat. After an hour of treading water we were rescued from the crocodile-infested waters. I’m a lot savvier in the Aussie surf nowadays.

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