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Distinguish live users from presentation attacks - Daltrey

Distinguish live users from presentation attacks.

When granting access, you need to know that the user is physically present and not someone trying to spoof using masks, videos, moulds or lenses.

Daltrey’s sophisticated liveness detection capabilities give you the assurance that the people accessing your assets are who they say they are.

How it works.

Presentation attacks apply across all biometric modalities – including face, finger and iris. Our liveness detection uses a combination of multiple algorithms and works across all supported hardware.

There are two ways we do this:

Active liveness check


By actively asking the user to complete an onscreen challenge-response test, like tilting their head or following a small dot with their eyes (for facial recognition).

A passive liveness check - Daltrey


By passively checking behind the scenes for anomalies like subtle changes in lighting, or through biological checks for blood vessels or sweat.

Secure your
onboarding and authentication
from fraud.

You need to be able to make sure impostors aren’t trying to access your assets with someone else’s identity. Daltrey’s presentation attack detection capability gives you:

  • Unrivalled security where identity
    verification is critical
  • Faster enrolment time and lower
    abandonment rate
  • Seamless active and passive liveness
    detection for a frictionless user experience
  • Ability to check that the same logged
    in user is still physically present
  • Compliance with ISO/IEC 30107-3
  • Compliance with iBeta Level 2 for facial
    recognition on web and mobile
  • Support across any modality and device
Secure your biometric authentication from fraud - Daltrey

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