Integrations & hosting.

Easy integrations. Secure hosting.

Integrations & hosting

Seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.

Daltrey integrates into any existing security framework, creating convenient, secure authentication for any access use case.

Our open APIs support SAML, FIDO, AD and OIDC standards, providing scale and flexibility for modern workplaces and protected environments.

Digital identity.

To minimise business disruption, Daltrey integrates
with identity management solutions from Microsoft, ForgeRock and more, as well as physical access management providers like Gallagher and Honeywell.

Whatever your hosting requirements, Daltrey’s
offering supports private, hybrid or public
cloud options.

Integrations & hosting - Daltrey

Flexible deployment options.

Daltrey's middleware solution

Whether your security strategy calls for cloud, on premises or hybrid hosting, Daltrey’s solution gives you:

  • Security, privacy and compliance, including data sovereignty
  • Scalability and resilience, including high availability
  • Agility and elasticity
  • Resource optimisation and cost saving

Let’s talk identity.