Control your digital identity

Passwords are hackable, easy to lose and even easier to forget. A biometric credential, on the other hand, maintains the highest level of security while giving people more control over their digital identity and how it’s being used.

With Daltrey, every person who interacts with your organisation gets a biometric credential

Known as a DaltreyID, this credential allows for a consistent, convenient and secure authentication experience that supports two different modes.



  • Biometric data is onboarded by the organisation, then securely stored in the cloud
  • User roles and privileges are managed by the organisation
  • Authorities can create and revoke credentials as employees come and go or change roles, and as business policies and processes evolve
  • Right to be forgotten for the user


  • Biometric data is stored and managed by the user on their mobile device. Their credentials can be updated as policies or processes change
  • Users are prompted to perform the relevant authentication with their phone. For example, getting a facial recognition notification when logging into email
  • Users have full control of their data, including the right to delete it

Secure by design

Whichever mode best suits your enterprise and its users, you can be sure Daltrey is protecting your data and fully-committed to keeping it private.