Daltrey establishes a single biometric credential that can be used across all business access points, both physical and digital, and seamlessly integrates with your existing access management providers.


Establish a single, trusted biometric credential

Each and every person interacting with your organisation undergoes a robust identity establishment process, creating a biometric credential known as a DaltreyID. Goodbye passwords, goodbye passes. Once you’ve got a biometric credential, all you need is you.

Daltrey Branch

Introduce biometrics as a service

Our intelligent middleware platform seamlessly integrates with your existing access management providers, allowing you to leverage biometrics in a simple, cost-effective way.

Daltrey IDServices

Adapt your solution to suit your strategy

Daltrey is designed to be flexible. We’ll customise a robust identity framework that establishes certainty, trust and accountability across your entire organisation, whatever your requirements.

Not just compliant, but truly secure

Daltrey is secure by design. Keeping your data safe, private and secure drives every decision we make.