Seamless physical

No swipe cards. No lanyards. All you need is you.

Eliminate cards and PINs

One identity. Limitless access points.

Physical security systems that rely on access cards and other outdated methods provide a poor user experience and create a big administrative burden. They also fail to provide certainty that the person accessing the asset is the right person.

Replace cards and PINs with an end-to-end identity solution for trusted access to your physical assets and locations without sacrificing an awesome user experience.

How it works.



The digital identity works with any existing security framework. Our platform integrates with all physical access control systems as well as a wide range of biometric devices, which are selected based on strict security assessments.

Industry standard

Industry-leading biometric devices e.g.

  • Iris ID iCAM7S Series
  • CMITech EF-45N
  • Idemia MorphoWave
  • Idemia SIGMA
  • Idemia VisionPass
Connect to existing access management

Connect to existing access management

  • Gallagher
  • Honeywell
  • Inner Range
Flexible infrastructure


  • Cloud
  • On premises
  • Hybrid
Authenticate with assurance.


Secure and frictionless authentication across any access point, with the ability to step-up authentication in session for access to sensitive assets and locations. Customise and adapt to suit users, locations and risk levels.

Endpoint flexibility

Endpoint flexibility

  • Iris reader
  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint scanner
Adaptive authentication

Adaptive authentication

  • Liveness on demand
  • Step up in session
  • MFA options

Bridge the gap between physical
and digital access.

A consistent, top-class security strategy requires organisations to un-silo and take a holistic, identity-defined approach to security. Empower your people with a streamlined, secure experience across all access points, giving you confidence about who’s doing what, when and where.

Let’s talk identity.