Establishing a trusted digital identity

Traditionally, the identity management life cycle begins with the provision of insecure access tools such as swipe cards, usernames and passwords. Daltrey’s identity defined approach eliminates these outmoded methods and enables organisations to define security policy from a more effective starting point: robust identity establishment.


A true digital representation of a person’s physical identity

A DaltreyID is a single biometric credential that’s used for authentication across both physical and digital systems, delivering convenient, secure and strong authentication across all identity-dependent processes.

Customised onboarding and branding

All users, whether they are employees, contractors or visitors, must have a DaltreyID in order to gain access to your organisation.

The onboarding process and user experience can be adapted to suit your risk level, security requirements and brand.

  • Choose between convenient remote onboarding via a user’s own device, or fully oversee the process from within your organisation.
  • Select the appropriate proof of identification requirements, whether that includes a driver license, ePassport, National Police Check or other.
  • Customise the name, logo and look and feel to match your brand.
  • Elect if and what additional biometric modalities you need on top of facial recognition, such as voice, iris and fingerprint.


Customised onboarding and branding
Capture an government-issued identity document


A government-issued identity document is photographed using a built-in smartphone or computer camera.

Extract facial biometrics and other data


Facial image and other data is extracted using OCR for a driver license or NFC for an ePassport. Its authenticity is then verified.

Verify Liveness


The user then completes a quick liveness check and takes a photograph, which is verified against the identity document.

Expand optional biometric modalities


Optional biometric modalities, including fingerprint, iris and voice, can be added at any time.

Supporting face, iris, voice and fingerprint

Adaptive authentication across all access points

Supporting face, iris, voice and fingerprint, a DaltreyID allows you to choose the most appropriate modality or combination thereof for each individual access scenario, adapted to suit each user, location and risk level.

More control over identity management

Allowing for both user- and organisation-managed data management modes, a DaltreyID maintains the highest level of security while giving people more control over how their digital identity is being used. Whichever mode best suits your organisation, you can be sure Daltrey is protecting your data and fully-committed to keeping it private.