Daltrey partners with AUCloud to offer sovereign biometric identity solution

BIOMETRIC identity provider Daltrey has announced its partnership with local cloud IaaS provider AUCloud to offer a sovereign identity solution focussed on Australian Government and Critical National Industries (CNI). This extends Daltrey’s existing onshore cloud offering, building national, trusted capability and helping government and CNI to eliminate identity risk.

Compounded by recent remote work and BYOD policies, as well as an increase in foreign state-based cyber threats, Daltrey has seen strong demand for a more streamlined sovereign identity solution across government and CNI communities.

“Australian government and CNI face several key identity challenges, including siloed physical and digital access environments, complex cross-agency authentication and the burden of legacy systems,” says Blair Crawford, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Daltrey.

“Daltrey’s mission is to eliminate identity risk by allowing organisations to use one trusted biometric credential for universal authentication across all agencies and access environments, both physical and digital. This enables government and CNI to move beyond outdated authentication methods including passwords, access cards and PINs.”

Hosted on AUCloud’s sovereign IaaS, Daltrey’s offering gives Australian organisations greater control over how personally identifiable data (including biometric identities) is stored, so all data is kept safe, private and onshore.

“AUCloud is owned, managed and operated in Australia with data and services that are 100% sovereign, operated in Australia by Australian citizens. This is of the utmost importance when managing personally identifiable information, including biometric data such as fingerprints, irises and faces,” says Phil Dawson, Managing Director of AUCloud.

“Importantly, we are independently IRAP assessed to the PROTECTED controls of Australian Signals Directorate’s, Information Security Manual and aligned with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Cloud Assessment and Authorisation (CAAF) Framework. Everything we do is premised on providing our partners and customers superior, gold standard security.”

Daltrey’s middleware platform provides biometrics as a service, offering a cost-effective, scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with existing IT or OT ecosystems.

About AUCloud

AUCloud provides highly secure, standards based, sovereign cloud IaaS to Australian Government and Critical National Industry communities. Managed, operated and monitored in Australia by security cleared Australian citizens, all AUCloud services and the data we host, remains in Australia. This includes all customer data, account data, metadata, support and administrative data and derived analytics data.