Daltrey integrates with IDEMIA’s VisionPass devices for fast, secure facial recognition

Daltrey has today announced an integration with IDEMIA, a global leader in biometrics for access control. 


Global biometric identity provider Daltrey has completed an SDK integration with IDEMIA. This extends the existing integration with Gallagher to add VisionPass to Daltrey’s digital identity solution, providing fast, secure facial recognition.

The high-level integration between VisionPass devices and the Gallagher platform allows facial biometrics to be used as the single factor for authentication. This eliminates the need for swipe cards and PINs for physical access and provides a simple setup on Gallagher’s Command Centre as the biometric authentication system.

As a result, Daltrey’s technology delivers an all-in-one solution, with devices and existing access control systems all managed through the platform. Other benefits include:

  • No need for additional cabling between devices and controllers
  • Removal of any associated risk of attack on Wiegand protocol

“We’re excited to strengthen our integration with IDEMIA, world-leading providers of biometric devices,” says Blair Crawford, Daltrey CEO. “By combining Daltrey and IDEMIA’s technology capability and expertise, we can deliver best-in-class authentication for physical access that’s secure and safe for organisations and users.”

VisionPass’ contactless verification and high throughput (up to 30 users per minute) provides a simple, frictionless user experience, which is ideal for areas with high foot traffic. VisionPass is also the only facial recognition terminal on the market to have passed the iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) anti-spoofing evaluation with 100% success. When combined with Daltrey’s technology the solution can be scaled up to include additional biometric modalities without interrupting the existing set-up, and provides one digital identity that can be used across all physical and digital access points.


IDEMIA, the global leader in augmented identity, provides a trusted environment enabling citizens and consumers to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect and travel) in the physical as well as digital space. IDEMIA is also a leader in biometrics for access control.


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