Cybersecurity giant Tesserent invests in Daltrey

The largest ASX-listed cyber company has invested in Daltrey to help drive our vision for biometrics and identity. 


Australian biometric identity provider Daltrey can today announce it has finalised its latest funding round, with a substantial investment from ASX-listed Tesserent after signing a share subscription agreement. The agreement is a clear validation of Daltrey’s mission to elevate identity-defined security and eliminate weak credentials with the use of biometric technology.

“We’re very excited about the growth in the biometric security market,” says Julian Challingsworth, Tesserent Co-CEO. “We note some US private equity organisations have been investing in the market with a recent investment of $543m into Transmit Security, supporting our belief that biometrics will play a key role in security organisations’ data and systems in the near term.”

Daltrey’s technology is perfectly positioned to execute against market demands for a modernised approach to biometrics and identity, as governments and enterprises face increased pressure to create more robust and efficient security frameworks. Further heightened by rapid growth in remote work, BYOD practices and cyberattacks, identity has become the front line of security.

“With security, privacy and user experience front of mind, our team at Daltrey has developed a digital identity capability fit for the needs of today’s market,” says Blair Crawford, Daltrey Co-founder and Managing Director. “This investment and partnership with Tesserent enables the next phase of our journey to rid the world of not just passwords, but every other legacy authentication method.”

Daltrey will initially work with Tesserent’s Canberra-based team to deliver sales into the federal government and critical national infrastructure, both of which are actively evaluating increased adoption of biometric technology.


Tesserent provides full service, enterprise-grade cybersecurity and networking solutions targeted at mid-market, enterprise and government customers across Australia. The company’s Cyber 360 strategy delivers integrated solutions covering identification, protection and 24/7 monitoring against cybersecurity threats, helping organisations to defend their digital assets against increasing risks and cyberattacks.

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