Daltrey forges partnership with Indigenous ICT consultancy Baidam

Identity provider Daltrey has announced a new partnership with Baidam Solutions to deliver biometric solutions for Australian government and business customers.

Baidam, an Indigenous-owned, Supply Nation-certified ICT consultancy based in Queensland, is the latest firm to join Daltrey’s growing list of sovereign partners who are helping to provide the security industry with a uniquely Australian product.

This announcement bolsters Daltrey’s growing reputation as a leading provider of cutting-edge biometric solutions for the cybersecurity industry.

“The use of biometrics has traditionally been limited to a single access point,” says Blair Crawford, Co-founder and Managing Director, Daltrey.

“Our intelligent middleware platform provides biometrics as a service, offering a cost-effective, scalable solution that seamlessly integrates into any IT or OT ecosystem.”

Having been contracted by a large enterprise client to find a secure management solution for their rapidly expanding digital ID footprint, Baidam partnered with Daltrey to provide critical solutions in a highly regulated environment.

“The global biometrics market is forecast to reach $82.8 billion by 2027,” says Jack Reis, Co-founder and Owner, Baidam Solutions.

“The opportunity to form a partnership with Daltrey is an exciting one for our agile, security-centric Indigenous business.”

Crawford says this partnership is also a way to support Daltrey’s ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community.

“Being a socially responsible vendor is an intrinsic part of Daltrey’s culture. That’s one of the ways in which Daltrey and Baidam are aligned – both companies have a clear vision for the future and a passion for supporting local communities.”

Reis shares these sentiments: “The protection, celebration and ultimate understanding of one’s identity is central to Baidam’s corporate vision and mission. To be able to partner with an Australian company like Daltrey allows us to deliver that capability technically as well as culturally, and I believe this is essential to meeting the needs of the nation.”

As a wholly Australian cybersecurity offering that boasts a diversified supply chain, Daltrey’s latest commercial partnership will work to create safer, more secure environments – in both the physical and digital worlds.

Reis says: “It will also provide a clear and measurable impact to improving Indigenous diversity and inclusion in the ICT national community.”


About Baidam

Baidam Solutions is a Supply Nation-certified, national cybersecurity consultancy based in Queensland. baidam.com.au