Bridge the gap between physical and digital access

With Daltrey’s identity-defined security approach, organisations can empower their people with a streamlined, secure experience across all access points.

One identity. Limitless access points.

No access passes, no PIN codes. Once you’ve got a biometric credential, your DaltreyID, all you need is you.

Supporting face, iris, voice and fingerprint

Never get locked out

A quick glance at a camera or the wave of a hand can grant access to worksites, buildings and rooms, even in a crowd.

Go passwordless

Users can log into a workstation by simply entering their email address and presenting their face, voice or other enterprise-defined modality. Once logged in, they can access any authorised application without wasting time re-authenticating.

Seamlessly switch to owned devices

Remote and mobile biometric authentication allows employees to connect to corporate resources on their own devices, without jeopardising security.

Improve security and user experience with adaptive authentication

Daltrey’s biometric authentication process is fully customisable. The appropriate mix of adaptive, step-up and multi-factor authentication can be used based on each role, resource sensitivity, location and other. This ensures sensitive tasks are being executed by the right users following the right processes – ultimately holding people accountable.

Apply and adapt to any use case

DaltreyIDs work across all physical and logical access points, across any industry. Adaptive authentication can put in place for more sensitive workplace scenarios such as:

  • Accessing server rooms versus meeting rooms
  • Opening medication cabinets in hospitals versus entering ICU
  • Downloading privileged documents
  • Visitors versus Officers management in Correction Centres
  • Access to waste cages versus check-out counter.

Assure user presence with anti-spoofing liveness detection

Continual biometric liveness detection distinguishes an image or motion mimicked by a photo or video display from a real user, significantly reducing the effectiveness of spoofing and other presentation attacks.

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How to protect your organisation from cyber attacks

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