Start with identity.
Secure your organisation.

Use a secure digital identity to authenticate users, whether they’re walking through a door or logging in to applications.



Go passwordless, cardless,
PINless, everythingless…

Free your teams from passwords, swipe cards and PINs.
Non-negotiable security measures that don’t get in the
way of people doing their jobs.

How It Works

A complete digital identity solution.

Prove identity and collect attributes


Prove identity and
collect attributes.

Collect biometric data and information to prove the person’s identity.

Couple attributes to credentials


Couple attributes
to credentials.

Ensure the person creating the digital ID is the person you intend to use it.

Integrate with existing security systems


Connect to
technology stack.

Plug the digital ID interface
into your existing
security systems.

Authenticate with assurance.


Authenticate with

Control access
across any device,
channel or location.



Protect yourself
from cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is a war of attrition, and weak credentials
are responsible for the majority of attacks. Organisations
need a better way to secure their assets. Daltrey has one.


of data breaches are due to weak credentials.

$6 trillion

is the annual cost
of cyber crime.

every 11s

business are attacked by ransomware.

$3 million

is the average cost
of a cyber attack.


Protecting people,
places and information.

Built to global standards and easy to use, Daltrey
delivers the highest level of identity assurance.
Secure authentication anywhere, anytime.

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Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer at Privasec & DroneSec

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