Go passwordless, cardless, PINless, everythingless

Go passwordless, cardless, PINless, everythingless…

We use biometric technology to enable users to prove who they are quickly and securely in both digital and physical scenarios, without the need for passwords or swipe cards. That’s right, seamless authentication and access whether walking through a door or logging in to applications.

Secure and private by design, our platform plugs into and leverages your existing technology. We integrate with all the major players – strengthening what you already have.

The modern workplace

People need to work from anywhere in today’s modern workplace.

Enable secure, remote onboarding and access for your teams on any device and enjoy security measures that don’t get in the way of people doing their job.

Protected environments

Some assets need an extra level of protection.

Ensure only trusted and vetted personnel are given access to systems and data to safeguard privileged areas and sensitive information.

Customer & citizen identity

People should have control over their identity when accessing services.

Prove who you are quickly, easily and safely whether in person or online, and take ownership of your personal information – including how and when it’s used.

Join host Blair Crawford as he brings together industry heavyweights to talk all things security, identity access management, biometrics and more.

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